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Truly great performance cars aren’t simply made, they are created. Kenny forgoes the frivolity of “exhibitionism performance” and focuses on good old fashioned, meat and potatoes, nuts and bolts, seat-of-the-pants, claw at the road, wind in your hair, exhilarating driving experience performance.

From his many years in racing, Kenny knows that it’s not the engine, tires, driver or any other single component that wins races and championships; it’s the whole “package”, the sum-total of the assemblage and attention to detail in the execution of all the elements, which wins the day. It’s this experience and philosophy that has carried many Kenny Brown prepared cars drivers to the top of podiums and won championships. It’s also this philosophy of focusing on the “total package” that has elevated Kenny Brown cars to near celebrity status and drawn the accolades and raves from industry insiders, media experts and performance enthusiasts alike.


In Kenny’s own words; “In Kenny's own words: To me, it’s the feel of how the car works, the thrust of acceleration, competent cornering, purposeful handling, the confidence it instills in the driver and of course the distinct pleasure of carving your way through a twisty road effortlessly that separates great performance cars from cars that just have some performance parts added.”


Looking for balance and performance? Then you’re in the right place. Kenny Brown performance vehicles are packaged with a lightening bolt of horsepower and a rock solid platform all wrapped up in an OEM envelope. The hallmark of all Kenny Brown vehicles is their sleeper appearance- but underneath that stealthy skin are artfully blended enhancements to chassis, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes, exhaust and drive train. But don’t let sleeping dogs lie, KB cars are meant to be driven.