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Kenny Brown Sport


Base Vehicle: 2005 Mustang GT
Chief Project Engineer: Kenny Brown
Build date: 07.04.05
Production Number: 05X-006MGT
Primary Use: Street & Track (training for son)


Kenny's Build Notes


In talking with the client, he had some needs that would require some creativity in engineering a package for his specific requirements. This was to be a shared car with his 16 year old son. The father was a fairly accomplished driver competing in the Panoz racing series. His need was for a car that both the father could drive on track and the son could learn to drive.


Knowing where they wanted to end up was very helpful in developing a package specifically for both of them. Because this was going to see some street as well as track, I recommended the KB Sport as the base package sprinkled with some of the more hard-core track pieces from the Club Sport, sort of a hybrid.


As always, I focused on the performance foundation with extra emphasis on suspension. No sense putting big power in right now, big horsepower can come later once Junior learns how to drive. If he really wanted to learn how to drive fast, he needed to focus on driving skills not horsing around with a big motor. Big power should be an addition to your skill set, not make up for it.


Because this street car would soon be a track car, I used much of the same geometry and components as I do in the more aggressive Club Sport. To compromise for the street (and new driver) the final set-up was a bit softer on spring rates and dampening --things that can be easily upgraded later when Junior gets his legs under him, so to speak. Other upgrades specific to this client's application were: racing rally harness belts for driver control, Super Street Cage with cross and diagonal bars, front brake cooling ducts, custom light-weight 18”x10” Kinesis 3-piece racing wheels with super sticky 285/30R18 Pirelli PZero Corsa max-performance tires. Even though scaling is not part of the KB Sport package, I knew what the end product needed to be so during the alignment process I went ahead and “scaled” the car with estimated driver's weight on board to balance the car out.


The car was set-up for the street but down the road with a quick change of springs and a few clicks on the shocks would be a very serious and potent track car.


Because the car would eventually be a track car, I also included the Track-Pak that comes with each Club Sport including a tire pyrometer, air pressure gauge and notebook with the build info and plenty of track prep check-off and tire temp sheets to collect and save data from each track. When you are serious about your track driving, you can never have too much data. (Click to see testing clip from Putnam Park)


Build Specifications


The Performance Foundation


Chassis Support

  • Kenny Brown Jacking Rails
  • Kenny Brown Lower Chassis brace
  • Kenny Brown Strut Tower brace
  • Optional Kenny Brown Super Street Cage


Advanced Geometry Strut Front Suspension (Club Sport Spec)

  • Adjust to Kenny Brown AGS Sport geometry specs based on final ride height and use.
  • KB/KONI double-adjustable coil-over struts
  • High-rate springs (w/tender springs) – driver-specific rates selected by Kenny
  • Front sway bar bushings
  • Stiffen front bar to increase roll resistance
  • Scale (with driver's weight) and 4-wheel performance alignment to Kenny's “Sport” specs.


Advanced Geometry Rear Suspension

  • “K-Link” Kenny Brown exclusive Upper Control Arm module for traction and grip
  • Kenny Brown Stage 3 AGS Geometry Kit -- adjusts rear suspension geometry to KB “Sport” specs based on final ride height and use.
  • KB/KONI adjustable coil-over shocks
  • High-rate coil-over springs (w/tender springs) – driver specific rates selected by Kenny
  • Kenny Brown Street/Comp Control Arms
  • Kenny Brown Street/Comp Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • Kenny Brown Stage 3 AGS Panhard Kit -- adjusts panhard bar/rear roll center


High Performance Brakes

  • StopTech HP 4-piston calipers and 14” ventilated rotors
  • Stainless steel brake lines ( front )
  • High-performance rear brake pads
  • High temperature brake fluid
  • Front mounted brake cooling ducts with spindle-mount center cooling delivery


Wheels & Tires

  • Custom 3-piece light weight racing wheels 18”x10”
  • 285/30R18 Pirelli PZero Corsa max-performance tires - all round

Power and Performance



  • Phase-I Power Upgrade (325 hp)
  • Cold air package
  • Performance calibration
  • Before and after Dyno



  • High-flow performance mufflers ( throaty )


Rear axle

  • Improved 8.8 w/ Auburn Pro limited-slip differential



  • Ford Racing / Hurst Shifter
  • Kenny Brown driver's left-foot “Dead” Pedal
  • Sport harness belts

All the Rest


Body / Styling

  • Aggressive front splitter – body color



  • “Hood helpers” pneumatic hood support system


Serialization & Graphics

  • Subtle exterior KB Sport graphics package
  • Dash plaque
  • Under hood production plaque