Kenny Brown GTS Mustang


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Kenny Brown GTS Mustang


Base Vehicle: 2005 Mustang GT
Chief Project Engineer: Kenny Brown
Build date: 08.17.05
Production Number: 05C-007MTS
Primary Use: Street & Show


Kenny's Build Notes


This was a fun project. The client had originally purchased a 2005 Roush Mustang and hated it. He wanted a Kenny Brown Mustang with a little snort in it. This was primarily going to be a street car and do occasional shows, but the car had to go when he put his foot down.


To meet his needs I started with the street focused KB Touring package then added a Vortech supercharger and other selected components to balance out his package, making it a Kenny Brown GTS.


In the performance foundation I gave most of my attention to the rear suspension. Being a street car he didn't need the aggressive Club Sport stuff in the front, but he did need to improve grip and traction at the rear. Supercharging these new 3-valves was yielding plenty of horsepower well into the 400s. And, what good is all that power if you can't get it to the ground?


To further help the balance of the package, I off-set the wheels and tires (front to rear to give the rear more grip. I used 18”x9” front and wider 18”x10” wheels at the rear - Likewise with the max-performance tires - 275 fronts and 295 rears. This in combination with more aggressive (than the standard KB Touring package) rear suspension geometry and components will help balance the car and improve traction and grip. With all that extra power, this will help reduce those – Oh S*** - moments. Along those lines I added and Auburn Pro posi unit (the factory one quivers at this kind of power and grip) plus bigger Baer GTP brakes with beefy 14” rotors. I have a saying that if you're going to really GO – you'd better be able to really Whooooa. Trust me, with well over 400 horsepower in a Mustang, its gonna GO!


The other unique feature that the client wanted was a pair of Le Mans stripes, painted on all the way from front to rear. None of that “cheap vinyl strip junk”. Poof – his wish was our command – a pair of “painted” Le Mans stripes.


Build Specifications

The Performance Foundation


Chassis Support

  • Kenny Brown Jacking Rails
  • Kenny Brown Lower Chassis brace
  • Kenny Brown Strut Tower brace


Sport Handling Suspension Front

  • Kenny Brown Select Sport Springs
  • HD Front Sway Bar Bushings
  • Stiffen Front Sway Bar


Advanced Geometry Rear Suspension

  • AGS Level 2 sport suspension package
  • Kenny Brown exclusive “K-Link” - Upper Control Arm module for traction and grip
  • Kenny Brown Select Sport Springs
  • Kenny Brown Street/Comp Control Arms
  • Kenny Brown Street/Comp Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • Rear roll center & roll axis adjustment


High Performance Brakes

  • Baer GTP front HP brakes with 14” rotors
  • Stainless steel HP front brake lines
  • High temperature brake fluid


Wheels & Tires

  • Sport Alloy Wheels -- 18”x9” front, 18”x10” rear
  • 275/35R18 front 295/35R18 rear max-performance tires

Power and Performance



  • Level-III Power Upgrade 420+ hp
  • Vortech supercharged
  • High-flow air filter
  • Custom performance calibration
  • Before and after Dyno



  • High-flow performance mufflers ( throaty )


Rear axle

  • Improved 8.8 w/ Auburn Pro limited-slip differential



  • Ford Racing / Hurst Shifter
  • Kenny Brown driver's left-foot “Dead” Pedal

All the Rest


Body / Styling

  • Aggressive front splitter – body color
  • Custom “Le Mans” Stripes



  • “Hood helpers” pneumatic hood support system


Serialization & Graphics

  • Subtle exterior KB GTS graphics package
  • Dash plaque
  • Under hood production plaque