2009 CSR-GT Series - "Best In Class" Mustangs

The Next Generation of Custom Built "Best In Class" Kenny Brown Mustangs
The Evolution of Intelligent Design

2009 CSR-GT Series – “Best In Class” Mustangs


In his ultimate tribute to Mustang heritage; past, present and future, Kenny Brown is introducing the new very limited production 2009 CSR-GT Signature Track Series of “premium performance” Mustangs. Kenny Brown’s CSR Mustangs (Club Sport Racers) historically have garnered a massive amount of positive media and high praises form owners and industry insiders alike. The renowned CSR, CSR-OT, and CSR-GT from the previous Mustang platform all have played a role in the carry-forward technology and informational data base for Kenny’s next generation 2009 CSR-GT Track Mustangs.

Kenny’s new Signature Series “Best in Class” Mustangs are the embodiment of the Golden Age of Trans-Am racers of the 70’s, morphed into the all-new and exciting Mustang. While firmly grounded in a historical foundation, the new Club Sport Racer Series Mustangs features cutting-edge technology wrapped in an artful package of power, performance and pure driving pleasure. These Kenny Brown Mustangs are real driver’s cars for true “Car Guys” who love to drive at the track.

CSR-GT Mustangs are true Grand Touring super sport coupes that are engineered from the “Driver’s Seat” out by Kenny himself. Although designed specifically for track domination, a GT/4 version and some GT/3s come in BSL “Barely Street Legal” trim for the serious open-track and performance enthusiast that may want to put in some “high-profile” boulevard time as well. The GT-3R is a full blown competition coupe (off-road only) engineered specifically for the contemporary racer or hard-core track enthusiast, targeting all-out open-track domination or prepped to Pro specifications for the Speed GT, Rolex GT, or American Iron/Extreme racing series.
2009 CSR-GT Series – “Best In Class” Mustangs




The newest CSR-GT Signature Series Mustangs will be a distinct “premium performance” range of renown Kenny Brown Mustangs positioned at the top of the class. The GT-4 and GT-3 super-street versions will mirror the GT-3/R competition ready Track Cars in performance, driver confidence and satisfaction but in a slightly more civilized package -- all are truly serious “Car Guy” products.


CSR Series Production

Because of Kenny’s constant involvement in the projects from start to finish and even afterwards, every CSR-GT will be a “Signature Series”. Similar to other Kenny Brown special editions, the first 2 cars of each model in the series is designated with the prestigious “X” suffix (as the first of their kind) to their production number plus have some special extras (courtesy of Kenny himself).

All CSR-GT Signature Series Mustangs are engineered, designed, individually hand-crafted and tested under Kenny’s watchful eye. Customers may option for personalized testing as well as vehicle orientation and driver/team set-up training at a local track.


R&D Investment and Advanced Technology

Kenny, his staff and technical partners have made significant strides toward developing the definitive Track Mustang for today and many years to come.

Over the past 20 years, Kenny Brown has partnered with Ford Racing and many industry standouts, with significant investment in the CSR (Club Sport Racer) program. Tens of thousands of miles of testing, Open Track events and racing have been used to quietly and discreetly develop product, technology and an informational database as the “carry-forward” foundation for the 2008 CSR-GTs. Much of this information is melding with newly engineered components that have been developed specifically by Kenny for the outstanding attributes of the new S-197 ’05 Mustang platform.



CSR Series Content Overview

For all practical purposes, the 2009 CSR-GT Signature Track Series Mustangs emulate a 1970 era Trans-Am Racer built on the S-197 (2005) Mustang platform, but with current and forward-looking technology. Each CSR-GT is individually built-to-order with the final content specification being set by Kenny and the owner to meet the owner’s individual needs and use, or to meet specific Racing Series regulations and specifications.

To accommodate a variety of needs and budgets, Kenny offers several options of upgraded engine power levels for the GT-4 and GT-3 variants along with pure racing dry-sump engines and lots of “techy” stuff for competition. Naturally aspirated engine options include: a 350 hp 4.6L 3V as the base engine, or an optional 450 hp 5.0L 3V. Ground pounding boosted performance can come via a 550hp supercharged 4.6L package for the power crazed. For “track-only” GT-3R traditionalists, a variety of Windsor crate and race engines packages are available from 450 – 650 hp.

The base transmission in the GT-4 and GT-3 is a manual 5-speed; options include a HD 5-speed (.82 overdrive), H-pattern 6-speed - Plus race based sequential 6-speed for the super enthusiast or Pro Racers.

Three new AGS (Advanced Geometry System) suspensions are key features and a Kenny Brown exclusive. The GT-4 gets Kenny’s exclusive AGS Tubular K-member Coil-Over Strut with AGS upgraded OE based 3-link rear. The GT-3s tout yet another Kenny Brown exclusive - a new SLA double wishbone suspension with Kenny’s AGS rear long-arm 3-Link-R suspension.

The suspension geometry is genuine Kenny Brown with the GT-3s being a contemporary version of a 1970 Trans-Am racecar, packing a late ’90’s era Trans-Am suspension designed around lower race ride-height, contemporary components and race tires, all packaged between the OE frame rails and mild fender flares.

The rear suspension keeps the traditional hot-rod enthusiast and racer in mind with Kenny’s “Trans-Am” based geometry Advanced Geometry Suspension upgrade of the Mustang’s 3-link live axle with competition grade components plus a few surprise features. Kenny has three distinct variations of the three-link available specifically engineered to each application and designed to maximize the forward-bite, cornering grip and braking for the specific power output, use and wheel/tire combo on the car.


Cabin interior in the GT/4 and GT/3 is Spartan but functional, mirroring the current CSR street package similar in look and content to “Kermie” (Kenny’s infamous green track car) -- lean, mean, striped down functional machine. Sport driving seats, rally-style harness belts, KB super street cage, fire extinguisher, upgraded instrumentation, etc. Interior of the GT-3R is pure racing – all business.

Fast cars need big wheels, super sticky tires and big brakes. The big brakes, wheels and tire options will be a fairly close carry forward from Kenny’s current CSR-GT Racers with options for specific customer applications or sanctioning bodies rule compliance. Wide wheels and sticky tires mean big, big grip when packaged with Kenny’s phenomenal suspension geometry and range from a fat, fender-filling 18x10” wheel on the GT/4 to asphalt abusing 18x12” wheels on the GT/3R all fitted with super sticky sport/track rubber.

Production body shell are lightened of non-essentials then structurally and strategically, reinforced to form a rugged and ridged power foundation. Kenny’s exclusive Super Street Cage is fitted on all GT/4 and GT/3 versions, with a full FIA spec competition cage in the GT/3R racecars.

Exterior upgrades include hood and deck lid of composite materials for light weight and aerodynamics. The GT-4 versions will not have as aggressive aero-package as the GT-3s and GT/3R’s to better address the challenges (curbs, dips, trailers, etc.) of day-to-day and track driving.

Full leather interior and other accouterments of privilege and style can also be custom fitted for those wanting a bit of luxury or panache to go with their performance. Wait a minute - - STOP, STOP, STOP --- Forget that were not going to go there - these are manly machines for manly men period - there’s plenty of other “Pretty Posers” out there. In the CSR-GT there’s No Fluff, no Puff no Sissy-Boy Stuff just some of The Best damn street-track cars available, anywhere period!


Maintenance, Prep and Upkeep

Kenny designs all the GT Series Mustang with a high level of driver confidence as well as a keen eye on ease of and low cost of maintenance in mind. Unlike pricey Euro track cars, maintaining a CSR-GT Series Mustang is relative easy and much, much less expensive – Plus personalized set-up and track support is available to all CSR-GT clients from Kenny and staff.


Vehicle Origin

The GT/4 and GT/3 Super-Street versions start as a regular production, 2005 or newer, Mustangs (on pre-owned, low mileage is preferred) or purchased from any Ford Dealer, or we can arrange the purchase of the donor Mustang through one of our partner Ford Dealers.
Full Competition GT/3R track monsters are ground-up built from “body-in-white” shells or can be built from road going new/used Mustangs, customer choice.


Price Points & Build Time

Each CSR-GT Series is built to individual customer specification so final pricing will vary from car to car. All of the CSR-GT’s will be Kenny Brown Signature Series and customers will benefit from the close personal attention from Kenny himself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can a custom hand crafted car. These works of art are a labor of love and subsequently take a while to build so please be patient - if it’s worth doing, its worth doing right. For estimating purposes –procurement typically runs 2 - 4 weeks and build time around 2 – 4 weeks for GT4s, 4 – 8 weeks for GT3s and 14 – 18 weeks for GT3Rs, not including seasonal adjustments or supplier delays.

The CSR GT/4 Hot Street/Killer Track Day Mustangs range from $59,000 to over $85,000 with final price depend on customer specified needs, desires, upgrades and options.

CSR-GT4 Sporty Street or Open Track Starting At $34,500
Plus Base Car


The CSR GT/3 Serious Track/Occasional Street Mustangs (A race car in “Pony Car” guise) range from $85,000 to $95,000 with final price depend on customer specified needs, desires, upgrades and options.

CSR-GT3 Serious Track or Occasional Street Starting At $49,500
Plus Base Car


The CSR GT3-R Track-Only Competition Coupe Mustang prepared for open-track, NASA AI or AI/X, SCCA World Challenge Speed GT or Grand-Am Rolex GT start around $95,000 but run as high as $175,000 for a serious example to over $250,000 for the Pro-Series car depending on content, level of competition, technology, choice of components, power-train, upgrades, options, etc.

CSR-GT3-R Off-Road Track Use Only
(Complete cars)
Complete car
  • Club – AI, AIX, AV8SC, Open Track
    ***Track Only
$ 98,500 - $175,000
  • Pro Racers - Rolex GT, Speed GT
    ***Track Only
$175,000 - $275,000


Reservations and Orders

All CSR-GT inquires and reservations for the 2008 Kenny Brown CSR-GT Signature Series should be directed to Kenny at info@kennybrown.com or by calling 317.396.2768. The CSR-GT Series are a very special limited production of individual Built-to-Order “Best in Class” Track Cars. Order of production will be numerical based on deposit/reservation number, so get your reservation number today!


Authorized Dealers

Kenny will be adding select strategic dealer/servicing partners at select tracks and markets around the country. Inquiries welcome. Dealer inquiries at info@kennybrown.com .