Performance Center Tour


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Modifying today’s cars is becoming an increasingly more difficult endeavor for the average do-it-yourselfer. No worries, the Kenny Brown team of professionals is here to help you make a plan to build your dream car and implement it. The Kenny Brown Performance Center is the place to come if you don’t want to install parts yourself and you don’t quite trust your pride and joy to Billy Bob’s Garage and Bait Shop down the street.

Whether you want to add subframe connectors, gears, an exhaust, supercharger, one of Kenny’s critically acclaimed Advanced Geometry Suspensions, go all the way to a complete race car or convert your car to a genuine and serialized Kenny Brown super car, we are here for you to get it done right.

Out of town? Then try our drive-in, fly-home, fly-in, drive-home program. We’re only 10 minutes from the airport and we’ll even give you a ride. Or we can assist you with transporting your pride and joy to our facility via a professional transportation company.