Doctors Pleased with Kenny Brown’s Progress, But Remain Cautious Optimistic

June 3, 2006


Indianapolis, IN – Kenny Brown’s doctors were pleased this week with his progress and the results from the latest round of CT scans, blood and pulmonary tests, but remain cautiously optimistic.


“This week we received some pretty positive news from Kenny’s doctors, from the University of Indiana Medical Center.” stated Cari Southworth, Kenny Brown Performance Corporate Communications Director and Kenny’s wife, “The review of the results from the latest round of tests all showed improvement, the best we have seen in over a year.”


As Kenny’s lungs have cleared, the amount of scaring and permanent damage appears to be significantly less than the doctors expected. Kenny’s pulmonary function results were above doctors’ expectations. Although the deep sinuses are being stubborn, Kenny’s Immunologist is confident he will get them under control with time and Kenny’s immune system should get back to normal as more progress is made.


“Even though the results from the latest rounds of tests are the best we have seen in awhile, we are praying that this treatment strategy the doctors are executing is getting Kenny on the path to a more permanent recovery.” said Southworth, “Kenny’s more than mentally ready to get back “behind the wheel” – he’s creating new products everyday on his computer -- but physically he’s not up to the challenge yet, which is very frustrating for him.”.


“Kenny wants to thank all that have sent him get well cards and wishes during this long recovery. It has meant a great deal to him. We greatly appreciate the support we have received from our customers, friends and suppliers,” stated Southworth.


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