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How Much Power is the Boss Mustang Track Key Worth?

Recently we had the chance to put a 2013 Boss Laguna Seca on the dyno before we did some upgrades. I always like to have a baseline dyno to compare to the after so we know how much our performance upgrades improved from stock. First, we made three pulls on the dyno without the Track Key then we made  three pulls with the Track Key.  We took the best results from each run and compared them to each other.
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Speed Secret 1: Setting Front Suspension Toe for Better Cornering and Handling

Setting Your Front Suspension for Better Cornering and Handling I'm starting my Speed Secrets Series off with a couple of related questions that continuously come up in Kenny Brown Tech sessions. Where do I set the Toe? What is Bump Steer? TECH TIP: Setting the Toe on Your Mustang for Performance Handling An often asked question is "do I need Toe-In or Toe-Out?" 
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Kenny Brown Shares His Mustang Speed Secrets In New Technical Blog

Wauconda, IL --  Kenny Brown will be taking time to give back to the Mustang community and share his vast knowledge from over 40 years in professional racing and more than 25 years dedicated to the Ford performance aftermarket.  His new Speed Secrets Tech Blog provides Mustang enthusiasts insightful information on topics such as chassis and suspension, wheels and tires, braking systems, track set-up, and power-adders.
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Who Knew You Could Learn Vehicle Dynamics in the Grocery Store?

I had an interesting experience in the grocery store the other day that proved to be a lesson in vehicle dynamics.  There was a sale on bottled water and when I arrived in the water aisle I discovered the cases were bonus cases, 28 bottles rather than 24. My lucky day.
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Kenny Brown Releases 2015 GT3 Mustang Concept Vehicles

Kenny Brown, noted performance car tuner has released renderings of his 2015 Mustang GT3 Concept for road, track days or race. Kenny’s GT3 Mustang Concept is a breathtakingly bold, no-holds barred, visceral vision of the future that embraces all that is expected of a Kenny Brown Mustang. 
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The Best Pre-Engineered Mustang Performance Shock Package Ever Designed!

SPEED SECRET: NEW PRODUCT KB/Eibach Street-Sport Spring and Shock Package For 2005–2014 Mustang, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302 After several meetings reviewing the shock dyno information I have collected over the years and what I like to see for my preferred spring rates and shock valving, Eibach thought it made sense and we developed a custom set for me to test. I’m happy to report that I liked them. In fact, I liked them a lot and it's just what I was looking for in a street high-performance set-up. So… We are happy to announce the new Kenny Brown Street-Sport Spring and Shock Package for 2005–2014 Mustang, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302.
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Kenny Answers Questions About The Original Saleen Racing Mustang

Q:  I am trying to reach Mr. Brown to clear up a few things, I am in the Saleen Club of America and we are currently having a debate about Mr. Brown's time with the Saleen Race team back when they were in the Saleen/Escort Championship. We were discussing your modifications you made to Saleen 1986 19R and 29R during that race season. We were curious about what sort of "tricks" you had incorporated into the suspension geometry/brake system (if any).

Kenny Brown GT4-RS Mustang Featured in Car Craft Magazine

November 2013 article written by Jeff Smith of Car Craft Magazine.
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Kenny Brown Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends for 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500

Wauconda, IL  – Kenny Brown has released his new Bump Steer Tie Rod End Kit designed to fit 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500.  These new outer tie rod ends are designed to OE specifications and help correct the bump steer issues on lowered high-performance Mustangs.

Kenny Brown and his New GT4-RS Super Mustang at Autobahn Country Club

Feature video produced by Power Automedia for and Kenny Brown Performance Group.  This video features the new Kenny Brown GT4-RS Mustang at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL during the 2013 Heidts Performance Car Challenge.