Share a Kenny Brown Anniversary Memory

Thank you for attending the Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration. This was, by far, our best and most memorable event.  Now we need YOU to share your personal experience and memory as a participant or attendee.  Our goal was to make the weekend an incredible racing experience and showcase the Kenny Brown lifestyle, which we accomplished.  Tell the world about your Kenny Brown 25th experience - Just fill out the form below, tell us about your experience, and upload your best photo from the weekend.

Kenny Brown 25th Memories

It was heartwarming to see Ol' Blue AND Kermie returned to Ken. It was exhilarating to go out for hot laps in Jonathan's Cobra in the rain! It was fabulous seeing old friends and making new ones. But, perhaps my favorite memory was seeing the look on our daughter's face after her first time out on the track. Our family looks forward to many more years of track time with Ken & Cari and their racing family.

Kathy Browning-Grissom