Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration

Kenny offers a sneak peek at his latest creation dubbed "Mango Tango"

At Friday evening's BBQ everyone was treated to a special surprise in the form of Kenny's latest creation.  "Mango Tango", as Kenny has dubbed it, represents the first in a new line of specialty Mustangs he has been developing.  Of course Kenny is not going to give all of the details until the official launch, but what you see from the outside is impressive.  The beautiful yet subtle graphics package immediately catches your eye, but it's the quality of the contents that really get your engine revving.  Massive 14" Baer brakes are neatly tucked under Weld 18" racing wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires.  The suspension is Kenny's latest version of his GT-4 track package, and firmly plants the wheels to the racing surface.  The most exciting modification though, is Kenny's new bi-turbo package, that absolutely rockets this Mustangs down the straights.  Stay tuned for more info as Kenny continues to tweak this beast, and readies it for an official launch.

Kenny gets the surprise of a lifetime as his prized "Ol' Blue" is returned back to the Kenny Brown stable

Another highlight of Friday evening's BBQ was when Jim Campisano brought Ol' Blue out of hiding after more than 5 years, and then presented Kenny with the keys to his long lost love.  The look on Kenny's face was priceless and it was a very special moment for all of us in attendance.  Kenny lost a lot as his business closed and he continued to suffer from illness, and to accomplish this reunion took great effort from Cari and those who helped her along the way.  Ol' Blue is one of Kenny's all-time 3 top favorites, and we're happy to say it's back where it belongs.  Visit the Video Gallery to see video of the presentation and ride along with Kenny as he takes Ol' Blue out on track for the first time in 8 years.

As if one surprise is not enough, Kenny gets the shocker of a lifetime as another prize possession, "Kermie" returns to his stable after a long hiatus

Aside from Jim Campisano's eloquent "roast" of Kenny at Saturday night's banquet, the highlight was most certainly the moment when Cari and long-time friend Michael stepped up to the podium and presented Kenny with the keys to "Kermie".  There was not a dry eye in the house!  Ironically enough, Kermie had made an appearance earlier in the day and was a center of attraction as attendees gathered to get up close and personal with one of Kenny's most fabled Mustangs.  Another one of Kenny's top 3 favorites, had shown up out of nowhere, and to everyone's dismay it was sporting a for sale sign on the window.  Michael and Cari were having nothing to do with that and immediately sought the owner out and made an offer to purchase Kermie on the spot.  Now Kermie is back where he belongs in the Kenny Brown stable nestled between CSR-69 and Ol' Blue, and we could not be more excited!

Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration a huge success with hundreds of attendees joining the party to celebrate "25 years of being the best"

Kenny, Cari and the whole crew worked very hard to make this a grand celebration and an event to remember for many years to come.  The outpouring of support from Kenny Brown Performance customers, volunteers, and long-time friends was incredible!  We all showed up on Friday with a clearly defined plan on how execute the event, but quickly became overwhelmed by the "moment".  As Kenny Brown production vehicles starting flowing into the paddock, and scores of people made their way to the "big top", it was clear we were in for an emotional experience, and what an experience it was.  All you have to do is visit the "Image" and "Video" galleries, and you will understand what we mean.  Even without proper time for planning, and a last minute push to fill all of the driver spots, Kenny and Cari managed to pull it off without a hitch.  We are so happy to have such great friends and supporters, all of whom made this the most exciting, heart-warming event we have administered.  Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts, its people like you that define the Kenny Brown brand and lifestyle.


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