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April 30, 2012

Just Bell Maintains Point Lead in Pirelli World Challenge GTS Class Despite a Tough Weekend in Utah

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TOOELE, Utah, April 29 — Paul Brown/Tiger Racing’s Justin Bell finished a solid tenth in the GTS division in Round 4 of the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge with his eBay Motors Ford Mustang Boss 302S Saturday at Miller Motorsports Park.

April 25, 2012

Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs

Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs
Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs
Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs
Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs
Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For '64 ½ to '70 Mustangs
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Wauconda, IL --  Kenny Brown teams up with Heidts to introduce his popular Extreme Matrix Kit for owners of 1964 ½ to 1970 Ford Mustangs. This new Kenny Brown Matrix system is an extension of the Extreme Matrix product group originally created for Fox and SN95 Mustang chassis, and one of Kenny Brown’s most popular products for over 20 years. Now owners of the early model or “Gen 1” Mustangs will realize the same performance advantages of Brown's innovative Extreme Matrix component design.

April 2, 2012

Kenny Brown Performance Group Becomes new suspension supplier and sponsor on Chris Cobetto's 2011 Championship-Winning NASA American Iron Mustang

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Wauconda, IL -- Kenny Brown Performance Group has taken another step forward in the professional road race world and partnered with Chris Cobetto and Performance Autoport in Virginia to help win another NASA Mid-Atlantic American Iron championship.  Kenny made his mark on professional racing last year with son Paul Brown winning the 2011 Pirelli World Challenge championship, and is expanding his pro racing support and sponsorship efforts in NASA American Iron with Cobetto Racing.

March 9, 2012

Lucy and Kenny Brown Head Out On a Classic American Road Trip

Kenny and Mac before the transformation begins
Lucy in the bay and she's getting ready to undergoe a transformation
First Thing - Check the ride height!
Mac likes bunny rabbits...
Mac's Shelby GT has a well designed, complete solution, that works together in complete harmony
Premium Shocks & Springs, in with the H&R already tested to work for the AGS 4.0 Suspension
Make the suspension do it's job by stiffening the chassis
Address weaknesses by adding new geometry to the front and add anti-dive for better braking and cornering
Address the issues with the live axle suspension by changing the geometry to eliminate body roll and put the power down off the corners
Here we go getting our "kicks" on Route 66
Houston... We have lift off!
Wow, that's one big rocking chair...
Gotta love old mining towns
Had to brake 4 Women
Lucy making eyes at Tow Tator
On the road again
Great photo op!
How fitting...
Lucy at Lucy's
Mac's co-pilot Mary looks like she's having a blast!
The famous Cadillac Ranch is still a great roadside attraction
Gotta leave your mark when your there
Another roadside attraction on Route 66
Gas stations sure were small back in the day
More tiny gas stations along the route
20 cents a gallon, when was that?
Apparently it was McLean, TX -- 20 cents...
OK, so which way do we go?
Take a right at the leaning water tower -- I thought they were kidding...
Will Rogers and Route 66 -- Symbols of American optimism
Devil's Rope, that sounds like a cool place to stop
Lucy gets a much needed bath after the long drive
Lucy now has her official Route 66 badge of honor
Lucy sitting in the paddock getting ready to stretch her legs at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park
Brakes and fluids are very important when you getting ready to go on track
Mac filling out all the appropriate paperwork
Mary filling out all the appropriate paperwork
This is the driver's meeting where Gary read blah blah blah from his notes
Mac and Mary just before the racing begins at the track
Mac closes the bonnet on Lucy after blessing the engine
Mary gets ready to put Lucy through the paces, photo guy checks in
Mary looking good behind the wheel
Mac's at full tilt boogy down the straight
Corners are not a problem for Lucy, she's AGS 4.0 Equipped
On display at Shelby HQ - She's a beauty...
After the Shelby bash was over, Mac and Mary to a heli to Hoover Dam
Lake Mead in all it's splender
Great shot going through the canyon near Hoover Dam
Great shot of Vegas as they make their way back to the heli-port
The Roarin' 20's, not so roaring anymore
Quick stop at Indian Village to pick up some moccasins
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If you're a fan of driving and road trips, chances are pretty good that you've heard of Route 66 or the Mother Road. Today, most travelers stick to the modern interstate highway system when faced with long road trips. But people who own and drive Kenny Brown-equipped vehicles are not “most travelers”. Enthusiasts prefer to take the road less traveled whenever possible. This is precisely what drives two such people, H.A. McCarthy (Mac) and his fellow road warrior, Mary O'Keeffe Tischler and their car, “Lucy”.

November 23, 2011

Is The Shelby GT500 Kenny's NEW Cobra R? - Kenny Brown Puts His "Magic Touch" on Shelby GT500's With NEW GT-4 Suspension System

Roy in his GT500 at the Kenny Brown 25th Anniversary
Fitting the Extreme Matrix Brace
This is how we weld it in
Upper control arm mount hidden under the rear seat
Factory Rear Lower Control Arm
Factory Emergency Brake Line Connection - You have to detach and then reattach after pulling out of the factory control arm
Factor Pinion/Axle Snubber - This gets trimmed for open-track or lowered applications
Kenny Brown Anti-Squat Traction Bracket - Factory control arm locates the drill hole prior to drilling
Drilling the secondary mounting hole for the Kenny Brown Anti-Squat Traction Bracket
Kenny Brown Anti-Squat Traction Bracket and Competition Rear Lower Control Arm Installed on Shelby GT500
Kenny Brown Competition Rear Lower Control Arm - Not how the splay is removed to make the arm parallel to the chassis and square to the axle
Nice finish welds on the Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Brace
Lights, Camera, Action - We are ready to start filming the GT-4 Suspension Install Video
Quite the "production" we have going on here...
Kenny Brown Roll-Center Relocation Kit and Competition Panhard Bar - Right side
Kenny Brown Roll-Center Relocation Kit and Competition Panhard Bar - Left side
A little spray-on rubberized under undercoating works wonders to prevent rust on the weld spots
Kenny Brown GT-4 Front Lower Control Arm Module Installed on GT500
Kenny Brown GT-4 Front Lower Control Arm Module Installed on GT500
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The other day someone asked me, "Is the Shelby GT500 your new Cobra R?"…  After some reflection, the comment did resonate with me in fact it remind me of 2003 and 2004, when around 200 Cobra R race cars started showing up at my door.  That’s about the time Cobra-R owners serious about track-days and racing were surpassing the capabilities of their cars and wanted to go to the next level. 

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