First Test of New 2009 Kenny Brown GT4 AGS Mustang Suspension HUGE Success!


Kenny Brown CSR-69 with GT4 Suspension
pacing some pretty fast company.

In September we tested the next generation (Gen-IV) of my perennially successful and popular AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension) Systems at Putnam Park Sports Car Course.  Prototype pieces were fitted to the CSR-69 as our testing stallion.

My AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension Systems) dates back to the 1987 and Saleen-R Mustang racecars where I introduced my theories and philosophy on making Mustangs handle.  It worked pretty well as I was able to hand Steve Saleen and Team Saleen a clean sweep of all four Championship Titles in the 1987 SCCA’s Escort Pro-Endurance Racing Series and launch the Saleen Mustang into the automotive history books.

The GT4 suspension system (or Gen-IV AGS) for 2005 -09 Mustangs is the current evolution, and I stress evolution, of the AGS systems that started with the Saleen-R racing Mustangs back in 1987.  The GT4 AGS suspension is engineered and designed exclusively and specifically for the attributes of the 2005-09 S-197 Mustang based on the heritage of my AGS philosophy and my experience built over the past 21 years on the Mustang chassis.

The AGS Gen-IV is marketed as the Kenny Brown GT4 suspension and is featured on the new 2009 Kenny Brown CSR-GT4 “Best in Class” Mustangs.  The GT4 Suspension will also be offered in kit form so you can install it yourself or have it installed for you.