Kenny Brown's Custom Designed Client Curriculum

Kenny Brown’s Custom Designed Client Curriculum

Kenny working with an Advanced client
in the CSR – Speed GT Pro-Mustang


  • Developing Your Basic Skill Set
    • Basic driving skills – lines, braking , awareness, etc.
    • Basic vehicle set-up for the track
    • Basic track tuning via tire pressures
    • In-car camera
    • In-car Instruction
    • Working within a team atmosphere


  • Advancing Your Driving Skills
    • Vehicle dynamics introduction
    • Race engineering and track tuning introduction
    • In-car camera
    • In-car Instruction – if needed
    • Introduction to data acquisition


  • Must Successfully Complete Intermediate Program or Have Competition License first
    • Race engineering and car set-up
    • Communicating with team engineer and mechanics
    • Track tuning
    • Advanced driving/racing skills coaching
    • In-car cameras
    • In-car instruction
    • Data acquisition