Kenny Brown High-Performance Driving Experience

The close working relationship
between Kenny and his clients
makes this a high-value program

Kenny Brown is teaming up with Speedworks Racing for a new Premium Driving Program specifically designed by Kenny to improve and expand your performance driving skill set, on-track performance and enjoyment. Use your own car, a Kenny Brown CSR-GT4 Mustang or Speedworks Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Mustang. You get close personalized instruction, coaching and additional value-added features and services with customized curriculum for three levels of driving experience:



More Than a Performance Driving School or Track Car Rental Program -- it’s a “High-Performance Driving Experience” with Kenny Brown that you will never forget!

  • Benefit and learn from Kenny Brown’s extensive experience
  • Be a “Pro” for a day
  • Learn more by being part of a professional race team atmosphere
  • Enjoy more as you are supported by professionals
  • Arrive, drive, learn and be pampered
  • You will learn more in a weekend than in a year by yourself

Real Track Car Rentals

  • Novice and Intermediate - Drive a Kenny Brown CSR-GT4
  • Intermediate - Drive a Kenny Brown CSR-GT4 or Speedworks FR500S Mustangs
  • Advanced - Kenny Brown CSR- GT3R or Speedworks FR500S Mustangs

Kenny Brown -- Over 30 years of motorsports experience with more than 20 years

devoted to building Best in Class Mustangs and helping their owners go fast!