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About KB - Performance Guru. Master Mechanic, Race Car Engineer, Driver, Innovator, and All-Around Performance Guru.




The seeds of what has turned out to be a brilliant career were sown way back in Philadelphia in 1962 when pictures of the original Mustang I first appeared in magazines. This was about the coolest thing Kenny had ever seen and vowed to have a Mustang someday. Those seeds started to germinate in 1964 when he changed his first set of sparkplugs in the family station wagon. A few years later watching his boyhood hero Jim Clark win the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, a career or at least the intent of a career was born. Shortly after Kenny applied for and was hired as an apprentice mechanic at a local import dealership. Kenny quickly rose to master mechanic and even through his college years made his living out of his tool box.


Through the 70’s and 80’s Kenny’s experience and reputation with European sports cars and racecars grew. Admittedly one of his most favorite periods was in the early 80’s when he had the rare and privileged opportunity while working for March building S-2000 sports racers, to work along side and learn from at that time were some of the best English racecar mechanics and engineers in the world. Kenny was reunited with Mustang in 1986 when a little known west coast racecar driver by the name of Steve Saleen with a fledgling car company asked Kenny to make his Mustangs winners in the Escort Endurance Racing Series.


Kenny applied his many years of experience road racing, car building and tuning, and winning, to create the original race versions of the Saleen Mustang and manage the Saleen Race Team. With the fall of the checkered flag at the last race of the ’87 season at Sebring, Team Saleen walked away as Champions. The 1987 Kenny Brown prepared and managed Saleen Mustangs made a clean sweep in the Escort Endurance Series beating Porsche to capture the Drivers Championship, Team Championship, Manufactures Cup, and Tire Manufactures Championship.


The rest as they say is history, Steve Saleen and the Saleen Mustangs were Champions and after two grueling years Kenny was pooped. With his mission completed, Kenny and Steve went their separate ways. Almost instantly, customers with Mustangs started showing up at Kenny’s door looking for “the master” of Mustang performance to work his magic on their cars. By the time Kenny started to work on high-performance street Mustangs, he had already logged two years and over 100,000 miles of building testing, developing, racing and winning at the professional level with the Mustang platform.


Today Kenny is a highly respected innovator and builder of high-performance street cars, track cars and racecars. Demands of running a successful business has retired his tool box, but even with all the added responsibility, Kenny is still the driving force of new products, testing and development, special engineering projects and of course the magnificent high-performance cars and racecars that proudly carry his name. Kenny Brown Performance has grown and evolved to be one of the premiere high-performance tuning houses in North America.


Kenny Brown cars have become benchmarks with many of the original Kenny Brown parts that go into those cars designed by Kenny and manufactured in-house. Its Kenny’s years of experience, vision and automotive genius that keeps Kenny Brown cars and parts at the forefront of the performance and racing industries. (Hey, there’s a reason why Kenny Brown products are some of the most copied in the industry. When it comes to R&D, there’s true Research and Development and then if you don’t know what you are doing, there’s always Rip-off and Duplicate. Which do you want in your garage?)