Kenny Brown Testimonials

14.6 in quarter mile. Damned fast

Steven Smalley

The best memory i have is having such a great friend Paul Brown he is the best friend I ever had and I truly miss him a lot

David Bintner

We took it to the Bonneville Salt Flats a few years ago to watch some friends run their truck and roadster, and it got some attention from admirers just sitting in the parking area. An unexpected pleasure.

Greg and Kim Richardson

The Mustang is a much better car now, no wheel hop and it runs through corners much better than before. The car feels more stable and people who usually ride with me have commented that it feels different, better than before.  I hesitated to remove the rear sway bar, but Kenny was right, it is not needed!  Thanks so much for all your help transforming my Mustang with the AGS 4.0 Suspension System.

Mats Wennerberg, Sweden

After running at Road America, all I can say is Kenny's suspension is fantastic.  My GT 500 handled absolutely great!  The car was flat in the turns and absolutely predictable.  What I immediately noticed was my stock tires didn't scream in the turns as in years past.  I could actually accelerate out of the apex of a turn without the back of the car trying to pass the front end.

In closing, I set a personal best of a 3 minute flat lap, with a passenger in the car and being limited on my top end by a drive shaft vibration.  I couldn't be happier...

Bill Bruckbauer

Just wanted to make sure I recognized the partnership between Kenny Brown Performance and Victor Ford.  Big thanks for taking me in on Monday and repairing my GT500 so I could get back on the track this weekend.  Of course, this whole experience was proof that the Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 suspension had left the springs and dampers from Ford Racing a little too low on spring rate and rebound/compression.

I'm glad I took the opportunity to finish tuning the suspension for the track with the recommended springs, dampers, and front sway bar while the car was there with you.  Also, the camber adjustment combined with the rest of the suspension set-up changes you performed now allows me to keep this 4000 pound beast with the little cars in all the corners now.  

She feels really predictable and solid after all the changes, and the car is controllable at much higher speeds.  What a great improvement overall, and another big step up in performance!  Now I understand what you mean when you said the AGS 4.0 will require a much more refined and premium brand damper and spring package.

For those of us who like to run our cars on the track, brakes and suspension are critical, and you can't use the power until you can control it.  The complete Kenny Brown AGS system makes driving the track more controlled and faster, and tons more fun. Thanks for the great customer service, and turning the car around in 3 days, so I could make the back-to-back weekends at the track.  This is what I call great customer commitment and customer service!

Ray Mahany, Michigan

I was asked by Kenny Brown to display my car at his show booth for the 40th Mustang anniversary in Nashville, TN. Kenny signed the dashboard of my Mustang. Super! At his showroom on Gasoline Alley there was a stand up advertisement that featured my car. I had asked if I could get one of these quite some time ago. At the 25th anniversary reunion out a Putnam Park I finally got one. Kenny wrote on it "Stolen from Kenny Brown". It is now proudly displayed in my man cave/office. This is a fun car on the open track. Not big on power but goes around the corners real well. Control is Power! 8~)

Kevin Richard, Indiana

I should give you feedback on the underbody bracing I installed 11 years ago on my 99 Cobra.  When I compare that modification to the powertrain, driveline, chassis & body mods I have made to the car, it has been the best of the bunch.  It immediately improved the handling, steering precision and ride.  Over time, though, the real benefit comes through.  The car has 93k miles on it and still feels tight with no rattles - very unusual for an SN95.
As a Christmas present, I ordered brake scoops and IRS links. I have had no time to install them yet, but I look forward to another good KB ownership experience.  Thanks.  All the best.

Art Hyde, Michigan

The AGS 4.0 sport/track setup Ken put together for me is more than I could have hoped for. I participate in HPDE events and the car handles corners true and flat with no nose dive during braking. I must get some 4 point harness's now because of the excessive lateral forces when on the track. Due to the popularity of the lower classes, I was bumped up to a higher class and can hold my own with similar cars. I could handle dynamic lane changes in complete control. Brakes were really strong and capable of braking deep, late apex and hard acceleration out of the corners. At Sebring I made a mistake, tried to straighten out a chicane and drove onto the inside corner warning strip that was elevated, causing the car to slightly lift the left tires off the track. The car remained in control and tracked straight and slowly returned to the surface with little correction needed. A tribute to the capability of the suspension system! I have driven the car on the track with normal aspirated engine and with it supercharged. The extra weight has not been a concern.

Tom Lane, Florida

I wanted to give your company some feedback on the results of the "Roll Center Relocation Kit". The difference in the car's cornering is night and day. Previously the car exhibited more roll in the rear as if it was "fighting" the front. Steering is now very neutral. I have done a lot of suspension mods in the past two years and unfortunately was not all that impressed with the car. In retrospect I could have gotten most of these assemblies from Kenny Brown with much better results.

Robert Hofer, Colorado

Embarrassing a 944Turbo, and "chirping" at 65mph!

Kevin Cline, Indiana

I recently drove from Huntsville to Bristol where my vehicle was used for on-track driver intro's at the Food City 500.  Jack Roush did a double-take when he passed by and said "hey, nice car".

Phillip English, Alabama

It was heartwarming to see Ol' Blue AND Kermie returned to Ken. It was exhilarating to go out for hot laps in Jonathan's Cobra in the rain! It was fabulous seeing old friends and making new ones. But, perhaps my favorite memory was seeing the look on our daughter's face after her first time out on the track. Our family looks forward to many more years of track time with Ken & Cari and their racing family.

Kathy Browning-Grissom

I met Kenny in Omaha in the '90's when his business was called Project Industries. I worked for U P Railroad then and had a '91 Taurus SHO. I remember Kenny getting me started on modifications with bolt-ons (throttle body, etc.). Kenny was always great to work with, and even got me into SEMA in Vegas as his employee when I was there on business for U P. Kenny walked around with me all morning and we had lunch together. What a great guy!!

Paul Berg

In 2005, my car had less than 1000 miles on it before I pulled it into Kenny's shop and got busy. This car handles like a slot car not to mention the BRAKES!

Terry G. Rosenkoetter

Featured car on Motorweek. Kim meeting Kenny and signing the dash.

Greg and Kim Richardson

Car prepped by Kenny Brown in 2001. Raced midwest region SCCA and was Regional Champion in 2003. Driver was earned SCCA "driver of the year" award.

Stephen Malcom

Picking up my cobra from Kenny. WOW, what a difference. That was a great feeling, 276rwhp to 400rwhp, talk about 'seat of the pants'.

Scott DeLodder

Fast laps around the track at Ford's Dearborn Proving Grounds, and slow laps around Laguna Seca for Ford's 100th Birthday, and being the center attraction in Kenny Brown's Indianapolis facility during the International Mercury Owners Association meeting in 2004.

Mark A. Keiser

Fondest Memory - My first trip to the KB Driving Experience at Putnam Park! First time out with my KB AGS3 Suspension, and I was tearing up the course, after a lot of "pointers" from Kenny himself. I was hooked immediately, became an instructor eventually, have done a lot of racing, and have been doing it for more than 15 years now. Safe to say Kenny was the catalyst for that. Great company, great parts, great service, and one hell of a great guy - That's Kenny Brown!

Brad Grissom